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  • Ron Sumners

MoGusto product photography

MoGusto have great baskets filled with so much good stuff. Every couple of months they deliver a car load of unmarked corrugated boxes to our studio for product photography – it’s always interesting to open up the cartons to see what delights are inside. Last week we had a few large baskets dropped off to us! Shooting the combination of glass bottles, varnished boxes and clear wrapped pastas is always a challenge when shooting with strobes. The blown out reflections are a bit of a nightmare and take so much time to adjust and align individual products in the groupings before a good image is achieved. Our favourite part of the shooting is when we finish with the isolated group shots and move on to the stylized photos with the food items. Cooking, preparing and setting up the shots are always fun but the greatest part is the eating of the meals after the shots are done. :) En guete! Go to their website and take a look …

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