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  • Ron Sumners

Music video with Caroline Breitler

New video production with Caroline Breitler! I’ve worked with Caroline for years shooting and editing many of her videos - it’s always comfortable working with Caroline - the shoots are smooth and we always have a lot of fun. This video was shot at Actionworld in Obfelden, in one of their escape rooms - I love this place - the atmosphere is amazing, and all the rooms that we have shot in are so well decorated and beautiful. I could never take part in the actual escaping from one of these rooms - I’d be scared of never making it out and being ridiculed for my low-activity brain functions. Anyway, we used three cameras; Blackmagic 4K, Canon XC10 and an old 5D with macro lens to shoot the scenes. I think we got some beautiful colour from the room and the existing light. We were careful to not knock over a candle and burn the place down.

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