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  • Ron Sumners

Nihilist Death Cult video!

New Video for Nihilist Death Cult! When I was in Toronto a few weeks ago, I spent some time with one of my longest friends, Nick Sagias - one of the most talented musicians I know - a veteran of the scene. I honestly think everything he works on is gold. We did a quick photo shoot, and then we decided to do an even quicker music video for a track off of his new album coming out in December, Nihilist Death Cult "Death To All Tyrants”. After two hours of swinging a camera about the rehearsal studio, and scrapping the bottom of an empty box of Timbits, we finished filming. It’s one minute and nine seconds of fury and rage - I love it! All bands should be like this. Please go and check out Nihilist Death Cult and buy their stuff - my new favourite band!

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