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Ragdoll Sunday "What a Day" four-day video shoot

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Four days of shooting… first outside in the bitter cold; second running through the halls of an rented office building; third in a small cozy hotel room in Zurich, and the last in a empty parking lot in Winterthur...

FIRST DAY: I was standing outside somewhere in Enge near Zurich - my camera cases getting soaked by the miserable drizzle coming down from the dreary sky. I decided to take transit because today was gimbal day, and I just needed one camera to swing around through the streets. Across the road behind the row of bushes, a little car flashed their headlights at me and it was Wilma, our director. I gladly dragged my gear into the back of her tiny car and quickly jumped into the passenger seat to rub the feeling back into my frosty hands. Soon after, out of the fog walked a dark figure carrying a tray of massive takeaway cups spilling over with precious coffee. We loved Marco at that moment and knew the two days of outdoor shoots were going to go well.

SECOND DAY: Our little crew of four arrived at a very dark 7am on the first day at a business office rental place and waited for the actors and extras to arrive before a long day of shooting. It took longer then expected to set up the two cameras and little video village, but the day was well organized and we shot every scene we were hoping to capture. There was so many extras and actors - I was surprised that it went so smoothly! Eleven hours later we were done. Exhausted, but stoked about the day's shooting - everyone was fabulous!

THIRD DAY: Cool hotel room in Zurich somewhere. It was the bedroom and bathtub scenes on the third day of shooting and our main actor had to splash around in warm milk with a camera suspended above. A shorter day than the previous outings but just as much footage.

LAST DAY: The last day was spent in an old train assembly plant in Winterthur, that is used as a huge indoor parking lot. We rented the whole building on a Sunday and shot the band playing the song in the middle of the space. We brought along two fog blasters to add the atmosphere and lots of light. Unfortunately the halogen blinders we have kept blowing the power points and had to be constantly reset. It was another long day but the results were awesome! We went for beer and grub to celebrate a work well done at the nearby Outback Australian Pub!

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