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  • Ron Sumners

Stock photos with Ivana

Today we did an full-day shoot with beautiful Ivana from Czech Republic. She's one of many traveling models that head out all over Europe to make thousands of great photos.

I love working with traveling models - they have so much experience - the poses and expressions are always spot on and I rarely need to direct them to what I want. From a full day shoot with Ivana I shot some sexy Halloween images, blank t-shirt poses (my biggest sellers), relaxing with coffee, some great atmospheric guitar-player shots in front of a Marshall stack and swirling smoke, tons of sexy leisure shots checking her phone messages... After seven hours of strobes, smoke inhalation, and hauling lighting all over the industrial complex I work within, we had hundreds of photos to upload to the stock sites. Yay!, I guess... stock isn't what it used to be, but I keep trying - because I love it.

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