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  • Ron Sumners

Summer of Love

Summer of Love…this was a great day back in July 2022. I spent part of the previous day setting up the lighting truss and positioning all the DMX lights on the stage - running all the cabling and praying that the DMX circuit wouldn’t go bad during any part of the show the next day. The following day I positioned four static cameras on tripods around the stage, hopefully out of range of dancing drunkards. I asked Tony if he could stay with one camera and make sure it kept filming for the first band, since it was a Canon 5D that likes to shut down after 15 minutes of recording. The bands took the stage one after the other from late in the afternoon until about one in the morning - it was about eight hours of camera work including a gimbal with super-wide lens. I’m very happy with the results of my first outdoor music festival video project. Thanks to Vito for the extra clips with his great camera work. Please check out all these great bands….

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