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Navajo video shot in sweaty Sedona, Arizona with Caroline Breitler

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Finally finished the last few edits for Caroline Breitlers' Navajo music video.

It was so hot but so beautiful. We flew down to Sedona in August and had 5 days of shooting in the brutal heat. I could only take two cameras, a cheap light tripod and the gimbal. The gimbal was fairly useless during midday. I couldn't attach the sun hood to the camera because the weight wouldn't allow the camera to balance - so seeing into the viewer was impossible. I used our B camera, the Canon XC10 for most of the shots - it's the most compact and lightweight camera, making the hikes a little less horrific and sweaty. We drove and climbed over cacti for hours each day looking for the right spots to shoot. I wish we had another week, because it was gorgeous throughout this area, and I would have loved to continue exploring and shooting more stock images. On our last day, we were lucky to find a native dancer that agreed to swing his leather fringe in front of the camera to add extra character to the video. Thanks to Caroline for asking me to work with her in Arizona - it was awesome.

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